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Spring 2021 Recruitment

This is where you can find resources on joining our great fraternity. If you have any further questions about recruitment, please click the button below and we will be in contact with you! You can also click HERE to view our FAQs.

Acacia Interest Form

Pertinent Resources


Below are some links that can help you discover more about recruitment.


First Year IFC Greek Values Scholarship: please click HERE

    This is a form to apply for a Greek Values scholarship that our Interfraternity Council (IFC) created in order to showcase our commitment to academic excellence. Any male-identified first year student at Illinois Wesleyan is eligible to apply. Good luck!


Illinois Wesleyan Recruitment Info: please click HERE

          This site gives a brief overview on what to expect from fraternity recruitment, and gives Potential New Members (PNMs) a chance to sign up for formal recruitment.


​Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for joining Acacia?

We only require that our new members are male-identified students of Illinois Wesleyan University, and that your university GPA is at least a 2.50. In the event you join as a first semester first-year, we use your high school GPA to determine eligibility. 

What is the time commitment?

Our new members typically put in a few hours a week in order to learn about our chapter, (i.e. history, members in house, expectations, etc). We require our new members to do ten hours of service over the course of the semester in order to teach how serious we take our motto of "Human Service". New member education classes are held on the weekends in order to conflict less with academics. The rest is up to each individual. We like to say that you get out what you put into it, so the most involved members put in the most time and effort. That is not to say we don't take academics seriously. We consistently have members that achieve 4.0 GPAs and recognition on the Dean's List. Any member that is struggling with his academics is able to coordinate times with our scholarship chair and chapter advisors in order to get back on track.

How much does it cost to join Acacia?

We like to be upfront and honest about our membership dues. For our active and new members, it usually costs about $400-500 per semester to be in our fraternity. This cost is split into International Headquarter dues and local Chapter dues. Some of these costs are fixed, like insurance and IFC fees, but most of these fees have value behind them. Our chapter dues go toward hosting brotherhood events like our Homecoming banquet and Super Bowl party, running chapter retreats, hosting philanthropy events like Acacia Claus and Wetter for the Better, and purchasing items for usage in our house, like streaming services or electronics. Since our house is owned by the university, we pay the same room and board fees that students in residential halls pay. If interested, there are scholarships available through our fraternity's foundation, the Acacia Fraternity Foundation (AFF) that can be used to help offset some of these costs. We also offer payment plans if needed. The bottom line is, we do not want someone to avoid joining our fraternity because of financials. 

What amenities are available in your chapter house?

Our house has various things that make it wonderful to live in. It has four bathrooms, two of which have shower stalls. We also have a laundry room that includes two washers and dryers available for free, just like in residential halls. Our kitchen includes a communal fridge/freezer along with a range. There are also areas for storage of spices and cooking materials. If a member wants to use our kitchen, they are responsible for bringing their own pots and pans and cleaning up after themselves. 

What about hazing?

We have zero tolerance when it comes to hazing. Forcing someone to do something against their will is not the Acacia way of doing things. If any member is found to have hazed a new member, he is quickly expelled and we cooperate with any investigations that may occur. We also follow the university's strict anti-hazing policy that can be found here for reference.

Why are certain things kept secret?

Our initiation ceremonies are the most exciting, yet serious, time of the year. Our initiation is run in accordance with our Ritual. The Ritual is what makes each fraternity unique, and it binds each member to each other no matter the era or chapter. We love our Ritual because it is a shared experience; each time a new member goes through our degrees of initiation, our active and alumni brothers get to be reminded about what they loved about the fraternity.