Why I Pledged Acacia Fraternity by Michael Carty-Trainor

By - Steve
07-14-2021 08:40 AM

I joined Acacia during my sophomore year. I decided to join a fraternity for social reasons. I didn't have many friends and I wanted a place to hang out and meet people. I also knew I wanted to at least see what Rush was like. I narrowed down on Acacia for a few reasons:

1. I knew some of the guys from my graduation class who were already in the house,

2. I met some of the younger guys at an off campus party and they seemed really friendly and welcoming (special shout out to my Pledge Father, Christopher McElroy, who I met on that night), and

3. I missed some of the formal rush meetings where potential rushers toured the houses, so I had to go see each one on my own. Mickey Fiore gave me a tour of the house and he seemed the most personable and the most interested in me as a person. Those formal rush meetings sponsored by the school can kind of feel like a cattle call, so meeting guys from the house “one on one” was a better experience. I have too many fond memories to list them all here, but I will say that all of the friends I still have from my college days were all made as a direct result of joining Acacia and I love our Ritual so much that I've had most of it symbolically tattooed on my skin.

I am an Acacian and I am proud of it.