Meet Brother Randy Mccullough

By - Steve
04-16-2021 02:26 PM

I was a second semester pledge and was initiated in 1975 (pin # 254). Chapter offices held include Social Chairman (2x) and Venerable Dean. Alumni offices included Chapter Advisor, IWU Acacia Alumni Treasurer, and President of the IWU Acacia Corp Board. I received the Orderof Pythagoras.

Why did you pledge Acacia Fraternity?

I met several Greeks on the wrestling team as a freshman, i.e. TKE, Sigma Chi, and Acacia, and was rushed by each of them. I was attracted to Acacia because the members were diverse in their interests, yet seemed to accept each other and enjoy one another. I felt like I didn’t have to conform to a certain image but could be myself. I felt the most comfortable around the Acacians. They definitely had a lot of fun. Joe Rivera and Mike Chivell were instrumental in my decision.

What are some memorable experiences from your time in the chapter house?

Lots of good memories, often just hanging out with the guys, playing foosball, etc. Also won the first MDA Dance Marathon, with my AOPi dance partner. Host Chairman of the 1976 Acacia Intergalactic Basketball Tourney, which had 6-8 teams from other Acacia chapters, concluding in a crazy party at the Sportsman’s Club. Driving with Steve Luttrell and Bob McDowell in my little Datsun 510 to Spring Break at Ft Lauderdale, and squeezing into a hotel roomful of brothers. 

In what way(s) has your membership in Acacia influenced your life?

Acacia provided me with leadership opportunities and the unique chance of living and working with vastly different personalities, and yet achieving chapter goals. This experience prepared me to work successfully in the corporate world in navigating challenging relationships and multi-tasking. The Acacia emphasis on human service motivated me to be an inner-city reading tutor for 11 years in Indianapolis and involved in various church ministries for many years.

What career(s) have you had?

After a short stint with EDS, I began 17 years with a telephone utility in the accounting and regulatory field. I then completed 24 years in the accounting area with a different utility, specializing in natural gas, oil exploration, and water/wastewater operations. Earned a master degree and also became a CPA along the way.

Do you have any comments to share about being a member of Acacia Fraternity?

I appreciate my time with Acacia and value my growth as an individual and team player. I formed many strong friendships within my chapter, and with brothers from other Acacia chapters, over the years.  I enjoy the fact that I can meet a brother after 10-15 years have gone by and yet chat like we just saw each other the day before… or meet a brother for the first time and have that connection or that “tie that binds” regardless of the multiple generations that may separate us.