Meet Brother Jeff Boaz

By - Steve
04-28-2021 06:26 PM

Brother Jeff Boaz initiated into the chapter as the 333rd member (Pin# 333).

Jeff was the driving force to get Acacia Fraternity onto Illinois State University. Through his counsel and guidance as the Chapter Advisor, in just 6 years the chapter has grown to 91 members.

Brother Boaz is employed at the Acacia Fraternity Foundation The foundation is an instrumental part for Acacia's furthering our goal of “Human Service.”

        Jeff was awarded Acacia’s “The Award of Merit”  last year.

Why did you pledge Acacia Fraternity?

I joined in no small part because of John "Bags" Polaski who would become my pledge father. I joined for a sense of belonging and the active members at the time were, to 17-year-old me, a fun-loving and close-knit group who cared for one another on a level that I had never been exposed to. In short, I joined for the social aspect and grew to learn that there is so much more and a larger value than what got me in the door, to begin with.


What are some memorable experiences from your time in the chapter house?

There are many. I think outside our ritual the biggest memories come around events like homecoming and Night on the Nile. Those times when we gathered together as brothers and our guests to celebrate our journey as Acacians. I also have some very fond memories of smaller one or three brothers gathered in a room together just listening to music or playing D & D for hours on end.


In what way(s) has your membership in Acacia influenced your life?

My Brothers have many times provided me with guidance and comfort in difficult times. There have been many opportunities for me to learn from men, young and old, life lessons that I carry with me throughout my journey.


What career(s) have you had?

The best job I ever had was being a full-time father. I grew so much in that role. The second-best job is the one I am in today. The opportunity to work with and connect with Acacians from around the country has been a wonderful experience. That said, I think the time I spent volunteering with different organizations has given me the greatest feeling of accomplishment. Human Service has and continues to give me more satisfaction than just about any other tasks I have taken on in my life.


Do you have any comments to share about being a member of Acacia Fraternity?

Thank you to all my Brothers who have taken this journey by my side. So Live!