Meet Brother Steve Aves

By - Steve
07-04-2021 02:27 PM

Brother Steve Aves was initiated into Acacia Fraternity in the Spring of 1975 as Pin number 255. Brother Aves is active with the chapter and the national organization. He was awarded the Order of Pythagoras and the Award of Merit for his contributions to the betterment of Acacia. Brother Aves lives in Bloomington-Normal and has operated a travel agency since 1984.

Why did you pledge Acacia Fraternity?

 I visited many of the fraternities on campus, but Acacia was the most welcoming. They were honest about who they were and what they stood for. Acacia’s pledgeship program did not have the stereotypical requirements that today is called “hazing.” Most importantly though, the brothers were fun!

What are some memorable experiences from your time in the chapter house?

 Hosting the Acacia Intergalactic Basketball Tournament. Many Acacia chapters in North America came to IWU for brotherhood, basketball, and parties.

 Impromptu gatherings within the chapterhouse which lead to much fun. 4 men might start a foosball game and within a short while there were 20 brothers cheering on teams.

 Another memory is serenading the sororities on campus. 50 fraternity men serenading a sorority is awesome, and fun. We still sing together at our annual homecoming banquet.  You can hear our 2018 performance below.

In what way(s) has your membership in Acacia influenced your life?

 My closest friends are Acacia Brothers. I’m lucky to live in the town of my chapter, so I have been connected to fellow Acacians since they day I graduated. The Acacia values and brotherhood have been with me for 43+ years.

What career(s) have you had?

 After college I managed clothing stores for a local chain. In 1984 (insert George Orwell jokes here) I opened my travel agency, Travel Agents International. I have been in the travel industry ever since.

Do you have any comments to share about being a member of Acacia Fraternity?

 Acacia Fraternity has enriched my life since I was 18 years old. My friends today are Acacia brothers. That might sound like a closed circle, but it is not. Take the time to investigate it for yourself.


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