Meet Brother Nolan Valdivia

By - Steve
05-26-2021 08:54 PM

Nolan Valdivia, Pin #567, initiated November 16th, 2014.  He currently lives in Chesapeake, VA and works as an HR Generalist. When he lived in the chapter he held the positions of Chapter President, Secretary, Philanthropy Chairman, and House Manager.

Why did you pledge Acacia Fraternity?

    I pledged Acacia due to the friends I made along with the common tie of helping others through our Human Service commitment.

What are some memorable experiences from your time in the chapter house?

    Some memorable moments from my time include meeting many personalities and generations at Homecoming, realizing how Acacia truly is for life.

In what way(s) has your membership in Acacia influenced your life?

    Right out of college, I moved to Louisiana and was welcomed by the LSU chapter as if I was their own.  Even professionally, when Acacia has been seen on the resume, it has stood out with hiring managers due to our values.  Many skills that I picked up from this time have transferred well into my HR career, including telling people the appropriate time and place to take shots!