Acacia Awards

Acacia Individual Awards

​Order of Pythagoras

Established in 1962, The Order of Pythagoras recognizes contributions to Acacia Fraternity by those "serving beyond the ordinary call of duty." Election to the Order of Pythagoras is by the International Council and may include alumni, undergraduates and, occasionally, non-Acacians. 


​Roy C. Clark Outstanding Acacian Award

Brother Roy C. Clark — often referred to as "Mr. Acacia" — was a devoted Acacian who served the fraternity in a number of capacities, including that of National Executive Secretary from 1947-1966. The award dedicated to him in 1966 is presented annually to an undergraduate who most nearly exemplifies the outstanding attributes of Brother Clark — Perseverance, Integrity, Foresight, Loyalty, Devotion, Wisdom and Leadership.


The ​Award of Merit

Introduced at Acacia's Golden Anniversary celebrations in 1954, the Award of Merit is one of Acacia's highest honors. It is given to "brothers who have given of their time and substance unstintingly for the promotion and furtherance of Acacia, both nationally and locally, and brothers who have rendered outstanding service in their chosen fields, and have attained high position therein, thus exemplifying the motto of Acacia, human service, and the teachings of the fraternity, which constantly admonish our members to prepare themselves as educated men to take a more active part in their communities."